1. Summer Update



    Been a minute since I’ve updated this so a few new things to mention.  I have many new illustration jobs in the works that I’ll be posting here but in the mean time I’ve made a TUMBLR to throw various odds and ends up on the web.  It’s going to be a lot more comics, prints & artwork that fall outside my commercial work here at Sun Eater.  I’m working on an online store as well where you will be able to purchase new work by myself and some other artists.  Very excited by this and it should be live by the end of the month.

    In the meantime… you can still buy art from me LIVE IN THE FLESH.  I’ll be at Knee Deep Vintage @ 1425 W 18th St this friday (7/10) from 7 to midnight, hawking some screen prints & comics amongst other things.  Hell I’ll even pull out some SLAG 7″s for people to snag (if you were crazy enough to miss the boat the first time!).  I love making deals & hate having too much inventory so bring some $$$ and you’ll go home with tons of rad stuff.  Everything else in the store will be 25% off as well so you I encourage you to just GO APESHIT WITH YOUR CASH.

    Finally the long dead Cemetery will be making some appearances this summer here in Chicago (TBA), Pittsburg at Skull Fest & San Antonio at San La Muerte Festival.  Tickets can be purchased and information gleaned at their respected websites.  Just take a second and look at these lineups.  HOLY SHIT it’s going to be a good end to this summer.  OVER AND OUT.


  2. Stop Filling the World’s Cemeteries…

    Holy shit lots of new stuff… been in the trenches.  First and foremost I’m proud to announce the release of Cemetery’s debut album ‘Wind & Shadows’ on Mass Media Records and Inflammable Material Records for the UK & Europe.  You can also stream the whole damn thing on CVLT Nation.  We’ll be doing some touring in the fall so keep an eye out for that.

    Speaking of touring, Narcoleptics just wrapped up a solid east coast pillage of which I provided the art for the 7″, poster & tour shirt.  I highly recommend you cop everything if you are into crazy punks spending loud night.  Also wrapping up a massive Europe tour in which they conquered the old continent and laid waste to several castles & village hamlets is Oozing Wound.  Once again I was honored to provide them with a touring shirt.  Those dudes are fucking geniuses and I can’t wait for the next record to be conjured from the riff demons.

    Finally I am super pumped to announce a new collaboration with Chop Chop Courier Group!  They just dropped a new t-shirt & logo I designed for them.  We’ll be doing some more work together in the future for sure.  If you need anything in Brooklyn that your to lazy to get yourself than by all means order through them.  Your money will most likely go to some punks new totalitar tattoo or at the very least the new Anasazi record…

  3. Showing Out in the New Year


    Very excited to share that I have collaborated with DryHop Brewers for their Whiskey & Art series.  I’ll be debuting 4 new screen prints on January 20th that will be available for purchase exclusively at DryHop until March 20th.  They will be uncorking a bunch of rare Buffalo Trace whiskey for the opening so you know it’s going to be a good time!  The Facebook event can be found HERE.

    Other new things include art for the monstrous Narcoleptics 7″ out on Warthog Speak.  You can grip that HERE (and I really think you must.  Blown out psycho maximum destruction drums  falling down a staircase punk).  Going to be working with them again really soon (and putting out the Bonky’s masterful lost debut???).  Maybe some new things with Daylight Robbery as well… WHO KNOWS?  It’s going to be awesome whatever happens!  Happy New Year!

  4. Working in the trenches…


    Been a while since I added some new stuff but since some really excellent things are being released I thought I would make an update.  First of course is the new Oozing Wound album Earth Suck on Thrill Jockey.  It’s obviously a true killer. I had the glory of hanging in the studio with the wizard Matt Russell for the recording of this thing and we spent the whole time just looking at each other being like what the fuck these guys are mad geniuses  (especially X factor deluxe Kevin the Wholly Mammoth Bass Bastard).  If you live in Chicago do yourself a massive favor and come to the record release show at the Bottle (here’s your invite).

    Next up is a project that’s finally seeing fruition, drone demons Gra$$hopper are crushing skulls and playing trumpets on their new LP Dark Sabbath: Symbols of Evil.  One of the most fun times I’ve had working on some art.  Truly honored.  Put out by the mad jacks at Hausu Mountain.  Love working with these guys, they release a ton of interesting stuff and are obvious basement lifers.  Possibly going to be working on some new Potions jams with them soon, a true summit of the absolute chillest people in Chicago.  Seriously these people bleed good vibes. Here’s a new MIX by my dude.

    Lastly the 7th Annuel DIY Haunted House is going down at Rancho Huevos on Oct 31st.  Definitely check it out it’s one of my favorite events of the year.  Beats going to a hardcore show by about a billion in my book.  We’ll be putting up posters at essential locations in Chicago with the details…

  5. It’s Summer… time for tour!


    Hello everyone!  Lots of new things to share and projects to be done.  First and foremost I am super excited to announce MBB’s debut album on Pelican Pow Wow Records!  Lots of hard work went into this and I’m super proud.  And because we want you to have cool things, it comes with a Riso screened poster I designed.   Printed, as always, by world renowned funky man Clay Hickson at Tan n Loose Press.  You can cop the record HERE or grab it from us on tour next week!  If your on Facebook we’ve got a list of shows HERE.  I’m especially excited to being playing New Orleans on July 4th and 5th, so if anyone wants to chill and eat some gator gumbo, HIT ME UP.  We’ll be playing Siberia for the Pelican Pow Wow showcase.

    Some important news for all the mad mopeders: the Hot N Readyz Rally, “We’re Still Here” is accepting registration for the last week of August.  Anyone who lived through the Peddy Cash/Hot N Readyz rally a few years back should know what to expect.  I posted the T-Shirt design in the portfolio section but for those of you attending, there’s going to be a special edition I am very excited about.  So SIGN UP yah dummy!

    An old project that has been simmering for a while is finally seeing the light of day.  The excellent ZATH have a new 7″ out on Ty Segall’s imprint on Drag City.  If you like thrash even a little bit, you must get this.  I’ve been jamming this for like a year now and am super honored they reached out to me for their artwork.  Order that shit right NOW.  And grab the new Running 7″ while your at it (if only to fund Alejandro’s newest catchphrase).

    I’m also excited to debut a new design I did for Pure Joy.  They are a brand new non-profit show space that will be opening up in Chicago this fall.  Anyone who had access to an all ages show space growing up knows how important this will be for the music community.  Some of the best shows of my life were at the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA and over a decade later I find myself working with some of the same people I saw when I was 16.  If you want to help support a safe environment where fans of all ages can come together and have their minds blown, then check them out HERE and see how you can get involved.

    OK!  Good to check in.  Going to be announcing a monstrous new record for Oozing Wound in the next couple months so look for that.  If your not already on Thrill Jockey’s special preorder list than get on their because we’re designing some very special treats for the limited edition versions.  I’m talking metal dreams coming true!  Finally I’m working on a special art project that involves all of my favorite artists, so anyone around Chicago in the Fall is going to be in for a real treat.  Details coming…

  6. Ready for Summer???


    Getting really excited for summer (AKA the only thing that makes Chicago livable) and all of the stuff I’m gonna be flooding you with.  First and foremost I’m honored to reveal the artwork for the excellent new split between Oozing Wound and the legendary Black Pus (grip it HERE).  It’s been a super honor to be able to lend my artwork to a project with Brian Chippendale who has been a formidable influence on any god fearing warehouse weirdo since Lightning Bolt launched a thousand two piece bands in the early aughts.  Extremely excited for this and for the Wound who continue to conquer.  Catch them with High on Fire at Do Division Fest for a taste of some of the new shit.  We’ll be working hard on the new art for their latest masterpiece due out this August on Thrill Jockey.

    Speaking of working with OG legends, I was able to make  some RISO posters for both Wolf Eyes and ONO.  If anyone wants one they can email me at samuel@suneaterstudio.com, I’ve got some left to sell.  Hopefully you just ripped off your record store’s wall though.

    Finally I’ve got some new things coming up including a rare Gang Burials show at Township this Friday with Criminal Code (HERE).  Des and I are working hard on a surprise for this fall including another Cemetery Compilation with all unreleased stuff.  MBB is going south on tour at the end of June with our debut S/T LP on Pelican Pow Wow in tow.  They’ve still got some copies of our Heartbreaker 7″ for you and your best friends to purchase.  Mac and I did some awesome work for this LP on the artistic side (and musical of course) and I can’t wait to debut it!  All this and more!!  I’ll keep you posted and if your looking for some art give me a holler.

  7. Continue to Ooooze


    Many new and exciting projects on the horizon INCLUDING some artwork on a split with someone who greatly influenced me to get weird and do whatever feels right!  It’s gonna be fucking radical… but I’ll have to let the announcements be made along the proper channels.  STAY TUNED.

    In the meantime because I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff sitting around the studio that I can’t talk about I put together a tumblr with a bunch of random things I’ve been doing the past 2 years.  I’ll fill it in more with random things as I find them buried beneath other random things.  Basically whatever flier/drawing/audio things that don’t fit here I’ll just post them there. CHECK IT OUT.

    And since I don’t really have anything new to add… here’s a video of a show we (MBB) played at the Bottle in September by TJ Superfan.


  8. 2014: Best Year Yet!



    Another year ends a new one begins… but the work continues.  It’s been an amazing year of art and music.  I’ve especially enjoyed watching my friends reap the rewards of years of dedication and hard work.  I’d like to thank everyone I’ve worked with and especially the invaluable support from my friend Jackson who pushed me to get my shit together and focus on Sun Eater.

    The highlights of 2013 were many but a few that stick out were: going to the Oozing Wound record release with my good friend Matt Russell (who recorded and mixed ReTrash); playing the Pelican Pow Wow after party at Goner Fest 10 with MBB for our 7″ release; an amazing run of shows and a killer 7″ with Slag; printing with the incredible Clay Hickson at Tan & Loose Press; watching my artwork travel to Australia on tour with Daylight Robbery; recording an LP with Cemetery; seeing MBV with my good friends Moira and Evan & the absolutely perfect night with Potions at the Hideout for the release of MIDI JAZZ BASS. Of course the best moment was saved for last as I became an uncle in the twilight of 2013.  How can you beat a year like that?

    Rest assured I’m going to try!  Looking forward to lots of new projects including an absolutely savage ZATH single coming out on God? Records, a brand new LP from MBB & the follow up to Oozing Wounds debut… AWESOME.  As always anyone looking to commission some artwork can contact me at samuel@suneaterstudio.com.  Have an awesome-amazing-work filled year!!!!

  9. SLAG & Potions!


    Finally got the SLAG 7″!  Chicago people you can contact myself or any other band members for hand delivered copies.  We also have about 50 more pro dubbed cassettes of the demo… think I might include an extra goody or two with this last edition.  After that… NO MAS.  Order both HERE. You can also pick up the new EP from either Hesitation Wound or Sorry State.

    In other exciting news (on the opposite end of the musical spectrum) I am finishing up the printing for the band new Potions album MIDI JAZZ BASS on Lake Paradise Records.  I’ll post photos after the release!  Until then check out the new video for the track Fire Ablaze and get #megachill.


  10. New Things & Old Things PT. 1



    I’m back after a brief hiatus due to the demolition workers in my building annihilating my internet with debris thrown out of a third story window.  Smash it up!  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…

    Super excited to finally have in my hands the newest MBB single, Heartbreaker, out on Pelican Pow Wow.  Our good friend Sarah who runs the label set up a great show for us this year at Goner Fest in Memphis.  She must be taking over because it seemed like every band on her label played this year.  Take a listen HERE and cop it HERE if your so inclined.

    The Oozing Wound record is getting a lot of well deserved hype and respect from various publications and literally every other person whose sipped it’s toxic brew.  I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Zach for dropping my name whenever he can and making my mom proud with such nuggets as, “Who fucking knows where any of our ideas come from. We think of some disgusting shit, like really questionable shit that would send you spiraling into the McVoid. We drop these lil’ ooze nugs into the grinder and Sam Nigrosh just rolls that shit into this fatty that we’re all proud to puff on. We depend on his filtering abilities to save us from the PR nightmare that is ourselves.” (full interview HERE, definitely hilarious)

    There’s a lot of work ahead this winter that I’m super excited about.  In no particular order you can expect to see my work adorning a new ZATH 7″, Future Death‘s debut LP and the debut MBB LP in early 2014.  Plus many more (this means you! contact me: samuel@suneaterstudio.com)

    More updates soon!

  11. Welcome to the spaceship motherfuckers….

    Welcome to Sun Eater Studio, the design/illustration/screen printing catch all for Samuel Nigrosh.  As I’m writing this I’m blasting my good friends Oozing Wound’s debut album on Pitchfork Advance and could not be happier.  I feel honored to have contributed my artwork to their endeavors and can’t wait to watch them blow up and sow metal devastation across the nation. Check it out: http://pitchfork.com/advance/248-retrash/

    At Sun Eater we are dedicated to working within the global community of artists, musicians and anyone else who craves a true investment in the creation of original artwork in the service of their dreams.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any projects you feel we could collaborate on.  And for any designers/artists browsing through this site I present to you the extremely relevant and wonderful Rozz Tox manifesto by the legendary Gary Panter.  Feed your brain…