Continue to Ooooze


Many new and exciting projects on the horizon INCLUDING some artwork on a split with someone who greatly influenced me to get weird and do whatever feels right!  It’s gonna be fucking radical… but I’ll have to let the announcements be made along the proper channels.  STAY TUNED.

In the meantime because I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff sitting around the studio that I can’t talk about I put together a tumblr with a bunch of random things I’ve been doing the past 2 years.  I’ll fill it in more with random things as I find them buried beneath other random things.  Basically whatever flier/drawing/audio things that don’t fit here I’ll just post them there. CHECK IT OUT.

And since I don’t really have anything new to add… here’s a video of a show we (MBB) played at the Bottle in September by TJ Superfan.