It’s Summer… time for tour!


Hello everyone!  Lots of new things to share and projects to be done.  First and foremost I am super excited to announce MBB’s debut album on Pelican Pow Wow Records!  Lots of hard work went into this and I’m super proud.  And because we want you to have cool things, it comes with a Riso screened poster I designed.   Printed, as always, by world renowned funky man Clay Hickson at Tan n Loose Press.  You can cop the record HERE or grab it from us on tour next week!  If your on Facebook we’ve got a list of shows HERE.  I’m especially excited to being playing New Orleans on July 4th and 5th, so if anyone wants to chill and eat some gator gumbo, HIT ME UP.  We’ll be playing Siberia for the Pelican Pow Wow showcase.

Some important news for all the mad mopeders: the Hot N Readyz Rally, “We’re Still Here” is accepting registration for the last week of August.  Anyone who lived through the Peddy Cash/Hot N Readyz rally a few years back should know what to expect.  I posted the T-Shirt design in the portfolio section but for those of you attending, there’s going to be a special edition I am very excited about.  So SIGN UP yah dummy!

An old project that has been simmering for a while is finally seeing the light of day.  The excellent ZATH have a new 7″ out on Ty Segall’s imprint on Drag City.  If you like thrash even a little bit, you must get this.  I’ve been jamming this for like a year now and am super honored they reached out to me for their artwork.  Order that shit right NOW.  And grab the new Running 7″ while your at it (if only to fund Alejandro’s newest catchphrase).

I’m also excited to debut a new design I did for Pure Joy.  They are a brand new non-profit show space that will be opening up in Chicago this fall.  Anyone who had access to an all ages show space growing up knows how important this will be for the music community.  Some of the best shows of my life were at the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA and over a decade later I find myself working with some of the same people I saw when I was 16.  If you want to help support a safe environment where fans of all ages can come together and have their minds blown, then check them out HERE and see how you can get involved.

OK!  Good to check in.  Going to be announcing a monstrous new record for Oozing Wound in the next couple months so look for that.  If your not already on Thrill Jockey’s special preorder list than get on their because we’re designing some very special treats for the limited edition versions.  I’m talking metal dreams coming true!  Finally I’m working on a special art project that involves all of my favorite artists, so anyone around Chicago in the Fall is going to be in for a real treat.  Details coming…