New Things & Old Things PT. 1



I’m back after a brief hiatus due to the demolition workers in my building annihilating my internet with debris thrown out of a third story window.  Smash it up!  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…

Super excited to finally have in my hands the newest MBB single, Heartbreaker, out on Pelican Pow Wow.  Our good friend Sarah who runs the label set up a great show for us this year at Goner Fest in Memphis.  She must be taking over because it seemed like every band on her label played this year.  Take a listen HERE and cop it HERE if your so inclined.

The Oozing Wound record is getting a lot of well deserved hype and respect from various publications and literally every other person whose sipped it’s toxic brew.  I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Zach for dropping my name whenever he can and making my mom proud with such nuggets as, “Who fucking knows where any of our ideas come from. We think of some disgusting shit, like really questionable shit that would send you spiraling into the McVoid. We drop these lil’ ooze nugs into the grinder and Sam Nigrosh just rolls that shit into this fatty that we’re all proud to puff on. We depend on his filtering abilities to save us from the PR nightmare that is ourselves.” (full interview HERE, definitely hilarious)

There’s a lot of work ahead this winter that I’m super excited about.  In no particular order you can expect to see my work adorning a new ZATH 7″, Future Death‘s debut LP and the debut MBB LP in early 2014.  Plus many more (this means you! contact me:

More updates soon!