Ready for Summer???


Getting really excited for summer (AKA the only thing that makes Chicago livable) and all of the stuff I’m gonna be flooding you with.  First and foremost I’m honored to reveal the artwork for the excellent new split between Oozing Wound and the legendary Black Pus (grip it HERE).  It’s been a super honor to be able to lend my artwork to a project with Brian Chippendale who has been a formidable influence on any god fearing warehouse weirdo since Lightning Bolt launched a thousand two piece bands in the early aughts.  Extremely excited for this and for the Wound who continue to conquer.  Catch them with High on Fire at Do Division Fest for a taste of some of the new shit.  We’ll be working hard on the new art for their latest masterpiece due out this August on Thrill Jockey.

Speaking of working with OG legends, I was able to make  some RISO posters for both Wolf Eyes and ONO.  If anyone wants one they can email me at, I’ve got some left to sell.  Hopefully you just ripped off your record store’s wall though.

Finally I’ve got some new things coming up including a rare Gang Burials show at Township this Friday with Criminal Code (HERE).  Des and I are working hard on a surprise for this fall including another Cemetery Compilation with all unreleased stuff.  MBB is going south on tour at the end of June with our debut S/T LP on Pelican Pow Wow in tow.  They’ve still got some copies of our Heartbreaker 7″ for you and your best friends to purchase.  Mac and I did some awesome work for this LP on the artistic side (and musical of course) and I can’t wait to debut it!  All this and more!!  I’ll keep you posted and if your looking for some art give me a holler.