Summer Update



Been a minute since I’ve updated this so a few new things to mention.  I have many new illustration jobs in the works that I’ll be posting here but in the mean time I’ve made a TUMBLR to throw various odds and ends up on the web.  It’s going to be a lot more comics, prints & artwork that fall outside my commercial work here at Sun Eater.  I’m working on an online store as well where you will be able to purchase new work by myself and some other artists.  Very excited by this and it should be live by the end of the month.

In the meantime… you can still buy art from me LIVE IN THE FLESH.  I’ll be at Knee Deep Vintage @ 1425 W 18th St this friday (7/10) from 7 to midnight, hawking some screen prints & comics amongst other things.  Hell I’ll even pull out some SLAG 7″s for people to snag (if you were crazy enough to miss the boat the first time!).  I love making deals & hate having too much inventory so bring some $$$ and you’ll go home with tons of rad stuff.  Everything else in the store will be 25% off as well so you I encourage you to just GO APESHIT WITH YOUR CASH.

Finally the long dead Cemetery will be making some appearances this summer here in Chicago (TBA), Pittsburg at Skull Fest & San Antonio at San La Muerte Festival.  Tickets can be purchased and information gleaned at their respected websites.  Just take a second and look at these lineups.  HOLY SHIT it’s going to be a good end to this summer.  OVER AND OUT.