Welcome to the spaceship motherfuckers….

Welcome to Sun Eater Studio, the design/illustration/screen printing catch all for Samuel Nigrosh.  As I’m writing this I’m blasting my good friends Oozing Wound’s debut album on Pitchfork Advance and could not be happier.  I feel honored to have contributed my artwork to their endeavors and can’t wait to watch them blow up and sow metal devastation across the nation. Check it out: http://pitchfork.com/advance/248-retrash/

At Sun Eater we are dedicated to working within the global community of artists, musicians and anyone else who craves a true investment in the creation of original artwork in the service of their dreams.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any projects you feel we could collaborate on.  And for any designers/artists browsing through this site I present to you the extremely relevant and wonderful Rozz Tox manifesto by the legendary Gary Panter.  Feed your brain…